House Shorts

Andrew Harrison

Soho House New York

Andrew qualified as a doctor in 2002, and now specialises in orthopaedics. He has always had a love of theatre and has taken a number of breaks from the medical profession to indulge this. He wrote and produced his much acclaimed first play “The Future” in London in 2007. He is currently working on its New York debut, for October 2012.

Catherine Des Forges, Independent Cinema Office said of Andrew’s House Short treatment:

‘I liked the script – I could envisage watching. Good use of location and well suited to short film format’.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am a doctor, specialising in orthopaedics. I start work usually at 8am, with the daily ‘trauma’ meeting which takes place 365 days per year. The orthopaedics team discusses all patients with broken bones, who have arrived at the hospital in the last 24 hours, and we make a plan for their treatment. After that I see patients on the ward, and then, either go to clinic or the operating theatre.

When and why did you get into film?

As a relaxation outside work, I have done a small amount of writing, for the theatre, but this is the first time I have written a film script. By coincidence a play of mine opened in New York in October 2012, and so I had already decided to take a few months out of medicine, to work on this. Suddenly, having the film to shoot as well made me very busy indeed. It was stressful! I enjoyed it, but I did not get the glamorous break from hospital, which I had imagined.

What’s your short film about and where did you get the inspiration from?

I was inspired by all the argumentative girlfriends I have had in the past.

Which scene are you most looking forward to filming/which scene will be the hardest to film?

Filming went smoothly, except that we were in constant fear of rain. All through the first night there were gentle drops, until a downpour at 5:30am. We had to cancel our second night of shooting, but my excellent cast and crew, accepted the inconvenience and came back another night.

What would it mean to you to win House Shorts 2012?

It would encourage me to write more. And perhaps someone will option my play?

Photos by: Kevin Shea Adams

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