House Shorts

James Kibbey

Little House Mayfair


On 13 November James Kibbey was crowned the winner at a screening and announcement at Soho House New York, attended by the nine finalists and judging panelist Jessica Chastain.

Harvey Weinstein said, “It’s a fantastic, entertaining short that separates itself from the others by showing the theme of imagination in its simplest form. It shows what is possible by just being yourself and that it only takes a little bit of imagination for our guy to be charming and win the girl of his dreams”.

After his first short film made for the cost of a large pizza won 5 awards, James decided that there might be something of a career to be had in making films. Since then his film-making has seen him go on tour with Example, enjoy a 2 month residency at Alton Towers, deliver a short for the UK Film Council, shoot a documentary about wine in Argentina, and further work with brands such as Google, Adidas, and the Design Museum. James lives in London with over 8 million other people, and runs Black Shark Media with considerably less.

Alison Meese, StudioCanal said of James’ House Short treatment:

‘It’s simple, funny and charming and you root for this guy to succeed!’

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am lucky enough to make films for a living. Like a lot of filmmakers these days I write, direct and edit. Sometimes also shoot and produce as well! Every project is different – one day I’ll be filming at the Design Museum, the next day editing a short film I’ve shot, then pitching for another job, then shooting a viral. I get to be creative every day and work for myself so I can’t complain.

When and why did you get into film?

I started making films at university, in between my six hours of lectures a week for my ‘proper’ degree. The first film I wrote and directed, a rather cheery tragic romance about a double suicide, won 5 awards in the UK and USA so I thought I better try and make a career of it. Since then I’ve made more shorts, music videos, documentaries and films for loads of different brands.

What’s your short film about and where did you get the inspiration from?
It’s an unspoken love triangle full of twists and surprises. A Bermuda Love Triangle if you will. The idea is actually inspired to a large extent by the location itself (Little House) – it has a timeless, classic quality about it which I’ve tried to reflect in the approach to the film.

Which scene are you most looking forward to filming/which scene will be the hardest to film?

The attempt of the film’s hero to win over the beautiful woman will be a lot of fun to film but is also the most challenging sequence. It’s where the theme of imagination really comes to the fore – I can’t really give any more away than that.

What would it mean to you to win House Shorts 2012?

It would mean a very large hangover and a degree of irreversible liver damage. But seriously – the House Shorts competition has so many inspiring people and great brands attached. The opportunity to make one of the nine films for this competition has been great, but to be endorsed by filmmakers of that calibre would be incredible.

Photos by: Richard Heald

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